Something for the Children #11: A-B-C Nature Walk

A-B-C Nature Walk

People walking down path under trees

God gave us so much to see in nature!

Today, I would like to share a fun little game with you. It is called the A-B-C Nature Walk. The rules are pretty simple.

What you do is go outside with a pen or pencil and a piece of paper for each person. (Or, if you like, you may team up in groups of two or three.) Down the side of your paper, write all the letters of the alphabet: “A, B, C…” all the way to “Z”.

Then, go for your walk. As you walk, keep your eye out for things that God made that start with each letter of the alphabet. Be creative in naming things: a rose you see might be a “rose” or a “flower” or a “bush” or a “plant” (but only one of those!) depending on which letter you need to fill in.

Write down the things you find as you see them. Don’t worry about which order you fill in your paper. When everybody is done or the walk has ended, compare the things you all found!

Another way to play, which does not need paper, is to work together as you walk to see how far you can get through the alphabet by naming things out loud. First something that begins with “A” — maybe someone finds an ant, so they call out “Ant — A”; someone else might notice a bush and call out “Bush — B” and so on. It can be a challenge to get all the way to “Z” — see how far you can get!

Have fun and remember to thank God for all the neat things He has given us in nature!

It's okay to be 1st! Or 549th, for that matter... I'm eager to hear from you!

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