Something for the Children #14: 20 Questions

Twenty questions is a game that is fun with just two or three people or even a whole crowd.  (We have played it before at a family camp meeting with hundreds of people!)  You may already know how to play, but sometimes it is nice to be reminded of a fun game we have forgotten about!  I will tell you how, though, just in case 20 Questions is a new game to you.

20 QuestionsFirst of all, everybody should decide together on a general category to play with.  It might be “Bible people”, “flowers”, “animals”, or whatever nature or Bible category you would like to use.

Then, one person thinks of a specific thing from the category you all picked out.  Do not tell anyone else your idea yet!

Everyone else gets to ask questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no” to try to figure out what the person is thinking of.  For example, you might ask “Is it purple?”, but not “What color is it?”  Another example:  “Is it Noah?”, but not “Who is it?”  You will find that more general questions are usually better to start with: “Is it big?”, “Is it a man?”, “Is it from the Old Testament?”.  Wait until you are pretty sure you might know the answer to ask questions like: “Is it Abraham?”, “Is it a pansy?”, “Is it a cat?”.

Up to 20 questions can be asked (That is where the name comes from!), so be sure to keep track.  Take turns so that everybody gets a chance to think up the “secret” thing (unless, of course, you are playing with a huge crowd–but even then, several people could have a turn!).

If you are playing with very young children, try to make it fun for them, too.  Think of something that they would know about and give them ideas for questions if they need help.  If you are all older children (or adults :)), you can be more tricky, just keep it so that everyone has fun thinking about our wonderful God!

It's okay to be 1st! Or 549th, for that matter... I'm eager to hear from you!

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