Something for the Children #15: Fathers of the Bible Quiz

Tomorrow is Father’s Day.  Do you have a daddy that loves you?  Be sure to tell him that you love him, too!

No matter what, God loves you!  He is our Father in Heaven, and He is always right here with us to take care of us, too!

Here is a fun quiz for you to do.  Maybe your daddy or special friend would like to try it with you.  Have fun!

Fathers of the Bible Quiz

1) I was a twin.  When I grew up, I fell in love with my cousin who was a very beautiful lady.  I had twelve sons, but God made me the father of a great nation.  My name at birth was different from my name when I died because God changed my name.  Who am I?

(For help, read Genesis 32:27-30; 46:2,3.)

2) I was a priest in God’s temple.  I married a godly woman, but we had no children when we were young.  When I was old, an angel told me I would have a son and many people would be happy about him.  When I asked for a sign that this was true, the angel told me I would not be able to speak until my son was born.  Who am I?

(For help, read Luke 1:5-20.)

3) You may not usually think of me as a father, for I was very well-known for a big work that God used me for.  I met my wife when she was taking care of her father’s sheep.  We had two sons, whose names were Gershom (“A stranger there”) and Eliezer (“My God is an help”).  Who am I?

(For help, read Exodus 18:1-5.)

4) I may not have technically been a father, but as I worked for God, God gave me precious young men to teach.  I loved them like a father loves his sons.  One of those young men was named Timothy.  I encouraged him to hold on to the lessons he learned from God’s holy word, the Bible, because those lessons would help him all through life.  Who am I?

(For help, read I Timothy 1:1,2.)

5) I was not the oldest man who ever lived, but I did live a very long time: 930 years.  I have a lot of grandchildren—more than any other man.  In fact, I can guarantee that you are one of my great, great, great, great (well, you get the idea…) grandchildren, and one day I would love to meet you in heaven.  Who am I?

(For help, read Genesis 5:1-5.)

********Happy Father’s Day!*********

It's okay to be 1st! Or 549th, for that matter... I'm eager to hear from you!

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