Something for the Children #19: Bits of Love

Bits of Love

We all know that we live in a world where not all things are good. There are bad things, too.  A lot of things have gone wrong because of sin–thorns and pinchers and poisonous plants, to name a few.  

But right in the middle of it all, God is still doing His best to show us how much He loves us:  He puts beautiful flowers on the thorns; The pinchers usually leave us alone; and He has made the poisonous plants look different from the good ones so we can see the difference.

I believe that sometimes God does something extra special just for me to show me that He cares.  Do you believe that?  

On a sandwich

One time when I was about eleven years old, I was feeling a bit sad.  I needed to make myself a lunch for school, so I was working on that.  

One by one, I was putting together the different things that we had to use for my sandwich.  I laid out the bread and spread on some mayonnaise.  Then I opened up the mustard to put some of  that on my sandwich, as well.  The only thing is, the mustard did not want to come out.  Do you know what we usually do if something is stuck in a bottle?  We turn it upside down and give it a good, hard shake.  

That is what I did.  Shake, shake!

The mustard was not exactly cooperating, but I kept swirling my hand around above my bread, knowing I would eventually get some.  When it finally did come out, it came out in little plops…squirt, squirt, and then it finally did like it was supposed to: one nice long line of mustard.  

Seeing what had just happened made me have to smile.  The mustard had make a nearly perfect smiley face covering my slice of bread…an eye, an eye, and a great big smile!

I felt that God was letting me know just then that He cared.

In a stir-fry

Just today, we got another little love gift from God like that.  I was not sad this time, but it is still fun.  When our lunch of stir-fry and rice was just about done, my mom found this little surprise in my baby’s bowl…stir-fry with a small heart-shaped onion

Do you see it?

Here is a close-up…

Close-up of heart-shaped onion in stir-fry

“God is love.” I John 4:8

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