Something for the Children #2: Some Odd Buds

Some Odd Buds

Usually buds grow on living trees, like this one. I wish I would have thought to take a picture of the ones in our yard!

Some Odd Buds

Last night as we slept, snow fell at our house.  By morning, there was about a two-inch thick, beautiful, white blanket all over the yard.  Have you had snow at your house?

Sometimes when it snows, it just melts.  Hours later, you would never know it had ever been there!  But today, it stayed. 

It was very cold.

From time to time, all through the day, the cold wind would blow and sparkly glitter would fill the air, floating off the tall, tall trees.  The day is almost over now, but still last night’s snow is fighting to hang on to branches and fence rails.

I went outside this afternoon to haul a load of wood to our porch.  I wanted it to be there for Sabbath.

Then I went out in the yard to look for a stick.  (I had another story in mind—perhaps I can share it with you sometime!) 

Anyway, I walked over to our branch pile.  We built the pile in the summertime.  It was warm then, and we enjoyed trimming our trees to make them pretty and to keep our cars from getting all scratched up as we drive down our driveway.  So those branches have been sitting there for months. 

“That should be as good a place as any to find a stick!” I thought.  So I went and started breaking up a branch.  It was not as nice as I hoped, so I decided to just break a bit for kindling for our fire while I was at it.

Then I noticed something quite odd that seems to happen this time of year: those branches were budding!  Now, just to be clear, they were just branches—not trees, not bushes, just branches—but they were growing! 

Maybe you have learned that plants like trees need energy to grow and part of the way that they get that energy is through their roots.  Did the branches have roots?  No.  Do you think they will ever finish growing?  No.  What will happen when the sun gets hot in the summer?  They will just dry up, won’t they?

The Bible says that Jesus is like the vine that has roots going deep down into the good, moist soil. (You can read that in John 15:5 in your Bible.)

We are branches.  Branches are great when they are connected to the vine.  That way they bud, and then make pretty leaves and flowers—and nice fruit. 

But without the vine, they die.

Just like those branches out in the yard that think they are going to grow without their tree, it would be silly for us to try to live our lives without Jesus.  We need Him.

I want Him in my life—I would like to be a living branch connected to Jesus!  How about you?☺

image: “Proto-leaf” by Nancy Sims 2009 (CC BY 2.0) –

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