Something for the Children #30: Nature Hunt game

Nature Hunt

over-head view of boy and girl playing in dirtToday, I am going to tell you how to play “Nature Hunt”.  Nature Hunt is a game that my children greatly enjoy when they are younger (about Kindergarten and Primary age at Vacation Bible School, or even younger than that).  Right now I have a two-year-old and a seven-year-old who both like to play Nature Hunt.

This is a nice game to play when Daddy or Mommy is tired, but would still like to play a nice Sabbath game with you.  All they have to do is sit in a comfy spot and give you directions.  Of course, they can play too if they want!

Here is how the game works.  You need one person to come up with ideas (that is usually Daddy, Mommy, or even big brother or sister).  You also need at least one child to find things.  You may play with as many children as you want, though.

triple acorn in a child's hand

Something God made that is brown.

The big person gives you an idea for some kind of thing to find.  They might say, “Find something God made that is brown,” or “Find something God made that is tiny,” or any other idea they can think of that you might find.

Your job is to find something that God made that matches what they said. Then bring them that thing.

caterpillar on child's thumb

Something God made that is small.

For example, a brown thing might be a stick or an old leaf.  A tiny thing might be a seed or a piece of dirt.  Just remember to be kind to God’s creation.  If something would be hurt if you pick it up, just tell what you found instead.

If Mommy or Daddy is feeling adventurous, maybe they would like to let you give some ideas next!

Have fun and remember to thank God for all the neat things He has given us in nature!

If you need something to do indoors, maybe you would like to print out last week’s coloring page, or read a story.  Have a happy Sabbath! 🙂

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