Something for the Children #31: Land of Milk & Honey crossword puzzle

There was a time when God’s people were slaves in a land called “Egypt”.  They wanted to be free.  One day, God sent a man named “Moses” to lead the people to a better land.  It was a land that God said was “flowing with milk and honey”.

Have you ever seen a river that was flowing with milk?  How about honey?  That would be pretty funny, wouldn’t it?

That is not really what God meant, though.  He wanted His people to think about just how many wonderful, good things would be in the good land.  He wanted them to know that there would be plenty of milk and honey there.

That also means there would be plenty of what it takes to make milk and honey there.

Do you know where milk comes from?  Yes, it comes from animals such as cows and goats.  In order to have lots of milk, the land would have lots of pretty, green grass and cool, clean water.

What about honey?  Do you know who makes honey?  Bees do!  And bees need lots of pretty, sweet flowers to do that, don’t they?

Can you imagine what kind of place the Land of Milk and Honey would be?

Today I have a simple crossword puzzle for you to print out and fill in.  It is about the Land of Milk and Honey.  You will use your Bible to find the answers.

The Land of Milk and Honey crossword puzzle for children

To print this puzzle: click on the picture. The puzzle will open as a PDF file (You will need Adobe Reader) and you can print it from there.

I will also link to the Bible verses here for you.  These are the ones you will need (They will open in a new tab or window.):

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