Something for the children #34: Hide-and-Seek Squirrel

Do you like to watch animals out in nature?  Sometimes it can be tricky to keep your eye on them, can’t it!

One day, I was watching a little squirrel.  He was running in the forest behind my house.  I tried to catch him with my camera–but it was not easy!

See if you can find the squirrel in these pictures I took.  Some should be pretty simple–others might take some extra looking.  This little guy was moving quickly!

(HINT: If you need help, click on the far-away squirrel pictures for the answer.)

Here is where the squirrel started:


This is him up closer:

close-up of squirrel on stump

I am pretty sure I did not catch him this time…

Just the hillside (and some brush)

…or this time!

just the hillside again (and a tree)...

Then he took a little rest again.  Do you see him?

squirrel sitting

Here he is a bit closer:

close-up of squirrel sitting

Uh-oh…the squirrel is running away again!

Here is the close-up:

close-up squirrel

Still running…

running squirrel

Here’s another close-up:

close-up squirrel

This is probably the trickiest of all the photos.  The squirrel is hiding now!  Can you find him?

hiding squirrel

Do you see his tail in the close-up?

hiding squirrel close-up (you can only see his tail)

That was fun, wasn’t it?  Next time you notice a little animal outside, spend a little time watching it.  It is like a game of hide-and-seek.  Can the little animals ever hide from God?  No.  God always sees them.

God always see you and me, too.  He watches over us because He loves us!

Have a happy Sabbath!


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