Something for the children #43: The Roaring Lion

Lion by Tim Lenz, 2008. CC BY 2.0 |

The mommies said, “Do NOT go near the roaring lion!”

Hello, children! Have you ever been watching a movie or TV and seen the proud, roaring lion in the fancy circle at the beginning? If not, that is okay. I will show him to you in a minute. But I have a story to tell you about that guy.

That roaring lion worked for a movie company. Most people call the company “MGM.” The roaring lion is what they use to make people remember them, and it does a pretty good job!

Really, the MGM roaring lion has been a lot of lions. They take turns. When one lion gets old or can’t do his job anymore, a new lion gets to do it.

One time, when I was a child, I was visiting my Aunt Gwen. She lived kind of close to the big city called “Reno” in Nevada. But her home was further out in the country, where it was usually pretty quiet.

This time, there was a different sound in the air. It was the sound of a roaring lion. His roar sounded kind of like a very deep, “Huff, huff, huff.” Have you ever heard that sound?

Well, Aunt Gwen had a special surprise for everybody. “Would you like to go see the MGM lion?”

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Would you like to go see the MGM lion? We said, “Yes!”

So a bunch of us walked over to her neighbor’s house. We had some grown mommies and grandmas. And we had some children. Some of us were a little older — I think I was close to ten, but I do not remember for sure. And some of us were still little.

The mommies made sure to tell all of us children, “Do NOT go close to the lion. We will stand back and look at him.”

The big lion was in a cage, but we still needed to stay back. Have you ever seen a big lion in a zoo? It was kind of like that — except this time, he was the only animal, and he was in somebody’s backyard!

Unfortunately, sometimes little children do not obey. My little cousin wanted to touch the big, furry lion. He stepped close to the cage. The mommies yelled, “No!”

Right away, the big lion stepped quickly towards my little cousin! Guess what? My little cousin jumped back, crying! Wouldn’t you?

The big lion was in a cage so he could not reach my little cousin anymore. My little cousin was safe. But that was scary!

The Bible tells us of another roaring lion. That roaring lion does not remind us about the MGM movie company. It reminds us of our enemy, Satan.

And that roaring lion is not in a cage. He is wandering all over the earth, like a wild lion.

The Bible says, “Your adversary [that means, your enemy] the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.” That is in 1 Peter chapter 5, verse 8.

It is like Satan wants to eat us up. He will not really eat us up. But he will try to get us to do bad things.

He is sneaky, like a cat that scoots very close to the ground and tiptoes oh so quietly until he is close enough to JUMP on the little mouse.

Satan is not nice. If he tries to whisper in your mind that you should do something that God said not to do… Don’t listen! Just like my little cousin should not have gone close to the big lion, we should never go close to Satan!

God will help us. Let’s ask Him!

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please help us to know when that mean Satan is trying to sneak up on us to trick us. Keep us safe from him. Please help us to do good. We love you! Thank you for taking care of us.

In Jesus name,

I told you I would show you that roaring lion from the MGM movie company. Here he is:

God loves you, child!

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