Something for the Children #9: Mother’s Day Bookmarks

Mother’s Day Bookmarks

Today is Mother’s Day!  Here is a little project that is fun to do.  It will make a nice gift for your mother—or if your mother is not with you, you may choose another lady who is special in your life to give it to. 🙂

Hearts & flowers bookmark to print out & color. Reads "God made you special. I love you!"

To print this bookmark: click on the picture and it will open as a PDF file. (You will need Adobe Reader.) Then you can print it from there.

Bookmarks come in handy in a lot of places.  They are not difficult to make, and there are quite a few ways you can do it.  Just pick the way that uses things you have around your home and that sounds nicest to you!

First of all, you need a picture.  Here are three ideas:

–        Print out the bookmark on this page.  -OR-

–        Choose a pretty picture from an old magazine that you have permission to cut up. -OR-

–        Draw a small picture yourself.

Next, make your bookmark the right size.  There is no one right size, but here is one way to measure:

–        Use a ruler, if you would like, to help make straight lines.

–        Start with a regular sized sheet of paper (8-1/2 by 11 inches).  Cut across the short way to make a strip about as wide as your little finger is long.  Then cut that same amount (a chunk about as long as your little finger) off of the end.  That should be about right.

Decorate your bookmark:

–        Stickers are a simple way to make it pretty.

–        Color with markers, crayons, or pencils.

–        Cut little pictures or words out of an old magazine (Remember, get permission first!) and glue them on with glue stick.

You will probably want your bookmark to be a little stiff, so it will last longer.  Here are a few ways you may choose from to do that:

–        Use a glue stick to glue your paper bookmark to a piece of cardstock or pretty construction paper that is just a bit bigger than your paper bookmark.  Write your name and date on the back so your mother will always remember who it is from. -OR-

–        Before you cut your bookmark out, fold your paper in half to make your bookmark the right width.  Cut along the open edge of the paper.  Then, use glue stick to glue the two sides of the fold together.  Write your name and date on the back so your mother will always remember who it is from. -OR-

–        This next idea is a little tricky, but will make a very nice bookmark if you have some wide, clear tape (like packing tape).  (You might want to get someone to help you.)  First make sure to cut your paper bookmark so that it is not as wide as the tape.  Write your name and the date on the back so your mother will always remember who it is from.  Then unroll enough of the tape to be a few inches longer than your bookmark.  Lay the tape so that it comes off of the bottom of the roll, sticky side up.  Turn under just a little bit of the end so that it sticks to the table and helps the tape stay flat.  (Be sure that the table cannot be ruined by the tape—if you are not sure, use a binder or something to stick it to!)  Then lay your bookmark as straight as you can along the middle of the tape.  Cut the tape, leaving some extra at the end; and do the same thing to cover the back of your bookmark.  Smooth it out the best you can.  Then trim the ends of the tape, leaving a space around your bookmark for the tape to stick to itself and keep the bookmark all safe inside.

Finally, if you would like to, you may add a little tassel to the top to make it even prettier and help the bookmark stay in the book.

–        You may use a pretty, thin ribbon; or a few strands of yarn; or embroidery floss.

–        Punch a hole near the top of your bookmark, but not quite right at the edge.  (Look at the picture.)

–        Cut your ribbon or whatever to about 8 inches long.  If you do not have a ruler, spread out all your fingers and measure from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your middle finger.  That will be a pretty good length.

–        Fold your ribbon in half and poke the folded end through the hole in your bookmark.

–        Now poke the other end of your ribbon through the loop that the folded end makes; then gently pull it tight.  It should be connected to the top of your bookmark now.

–        Straighten it up, and you are done!

Now, go give your gift to your mother (or the other special lady you had in mind) with a big hug and a smile!

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