Something for the Children #25: Polished Stones

Something for the Children #25: Polished Stones

Polished stones build lovely palaces! ūüėČ

Do you know who David was?  David was a shepherd (that means he took care of sheep) when he was a boy.  He loved God and loved to come up with songs about God to play on his harp.

When David was older, he became king. ¬†God Himself chose David for the job. ¬†David kept on loving God. ¬†David did not always do what was right, though. ¬†The Bible tells us about some bad choices that David made–he sinned, and people were hurt by his sins.

But do you know what God did? ¬†He forgave David. ¬†David was very sorry, and God cleaned the sin right out of David’s life.

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In fact, years and years and years later, people were still comparing new kings that would be in charge of God’s people to David. ¬†The question was always, “Did they love God as much as David did?”

While David was king, he noticed something.  

He lived in a beautiful, large house made of sweet-smelling cedar–but God’s house was still the special tent that the Israelites had made just after they left Egypt. ¬†God’s people were not moving all the time anymore; why should God’s house be a tent?

David wanted to build God a better house. ¬†God said, “No, you will not get to build My new house; but I will let your son Solomon build it.”

David finally got old, and one day he died. ¬†His son Solomon was the new king. ¬†In a few years, Solomon started the work of building God’s new house.

Solomon hired workers to do all kinds of special jobs. ¬†Some men worked with wood; other men worked with stones. ¬†The Bible says, “And the king commanded, and they brought great stones, costly stones, and hewed stones” for God’s house.¬† The stones were huge and very expensive–God deserves the best.

When I was a little girl, my friend and I used to build little houses down by the creek.  We would start with the flattest, smoothest rock we could find.  Then we would make little bricks out of the moist clay that we found near the water.  We carefully made each side of our bricks flat so that we would have a nice, little house when we were done stacking the clay bricks all together on the smooth rock.

Solomon’s workers had a much bigger job: cutting stone. ¬†They wanted their building blocks to be smooth and flat, too. ¬†They wanted to build the best house they could build for God, so¬†they worked hard. ¬†They made the rocks flat on all of their sides, like the perfect building block. ¬†They made them smooth, like a brand-new marble, and they polished them until they shone. ¬†Then they brought them to the place where the building would be, and quietly put it all together.

It was like building a house out of gigantic, precious jewels.

Did you know that God says that we can be like those special stones? ¬†He wants our lives to be all shined up, washed free from sin. ¬†God is like Solomon’s workers–He is the one who will get us all ready, if we let Him.

When God’s house was all done, it was a holy temple. ¬†People could go there and learn about God, about His love, and about His special plan to send Jesus to save us from our sins.

If we are God’s special stones, then who should people be learning about when they see our lives? ¬†Our lives should teach people¬†about Jesus, shouldn’t they? ¬†All of God’s people, together, are like a beautiful temple to give glory to God. ¬†I want to love God like David did and be a part of God’s special house, too–how about you?

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