In lieu of the usual “Tuesday’s Treasure”, my focus today was redefining the focus of the Hasten Home blog. 🙂  I felt that our “About” page was not quite what I intended it to be, but it was the best I could come up with at the outset.  Sometimes, we need to let our perfectionism go and just start!

Lately, however, about five months and nearly 150 posts in, my focus has solidified and I have been thinking that our “About” page was due for an update.  Well, thanks to Andrew at the Reaching Youth for Christ blog, today (even though this was not exactly what he was talking about) I got the little extra push I needed to just get in there and update that page.

Now the page is called the “Welcome” page; for our visitors are welcome guests and we hope to have you stay a while once you step in!  Besides the daily visitors, we also have a handful of subscribers at this time, and we certainly appreciate your support of the Hasten Home blog.

–Sheila 🙂


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