Google Reader about to expire!

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What does Google Reader have to do with Vacation Bible School?**

Google Reader is about to expire! This may seem like a bit of an odd post on a blog that is primarily about Vacation Bible School and children’s ministry. It is important, though.

What does Google Reader have to do with Vacation Bible School? Well, normally, I guess not a whole lot. But if you are subscribed to Hasten Home’s blog posts through Google Reader, it could be lots of VBS tips, encouragement, and fun stuff for the children! 😉

If you use Google Reader (at least if you check it very often), you probably know that Google Reader is going to be nonexistent very shortly. (I understand Google Reader’s official retirement date is July 1, 2013 — just about a week away.)

Now, if you still subscribe to the Hasten Home blog via Google Reader… well, that’s what I hope to help with.

Here are two possible alternatives for getting all the fun stuff from our VBS blog — even without Google Reader.

  1. Subscribe in another RSS reader.
  2. There seem to be several good choices out there for RSS readers. (“RSS” is the technical term for the way readers, like Google Reader, get the blog posts from your favorite blogs. It’s kind of like a news feed that you get to control.)

    The one that I chose is feedly.

    Feedly grabs all of the information straight from your Google Reader (if you have Google Reader, of course). That way, you will not lose any of your favorite blogs, or your tags and categories that you may have set up. It makes the whole process of switching almost painless.

    Feedly’s whole look and feel is a bit different from Google Reader’s. Honestly, though, I think I like feedly better. I was surprised.

    Plus they have a nice mobile app. (I am using the Android app on my smartphone-that-is-everything-but-a-phone.)

    My only complaint is that feedly seems to sign me out more than (I feel is) necessary. If you close feedly, there is a fair chance of not being signed in when you go back.

    Anyway, it is a thought that I hope some of you will find helpful. If you want some more ideas, you can check out this article from Lifehacker: “Goodbye Google Reader! (Or the Best RSS Reader Alternatives).”

  3. Sign up for Hasten Home’s newsletter.
  4. This is my highly recommended option. 🙂

    When you sign up for Hasten Home’s email newsletter, you will get Vacation Bible School tips, product info, fun facts, and encouragement — all straight in your email inbox. And most of that is exclusive to the newsletter, so really, even if you move your RSS feeds to a new reader, sign up for the newsletter, too.

    I am sure you will not be disappointed!

    Also, a couple weeks after you sign up for the newsletter, I will send you a little note telling you how to get all of Hasten Home’s blog posts sent directly to your inbox, too, if you would like to have it really easy. 🙂

To my faithful readers

I know there are several of you out there who regularly read my posts. Whether that is through a reader, or email, or simply by visiting the blog… Thank you! Every one of you are important to me — and to the children! May God bless you all!

~ YOUR TURN: While we’re at it, what children’s ministry blogs do you read regularly? Let us know in the comments and maybe we can make some new connections! ~


**Image credit: “02.Newspaper.DupontCircle.WDC.30mar06” by Elvert Barnes, 2006. Used under CC BY 2.0 license.

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