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Have you been blessed by Hasten Home? I would be extremely grateful if you would prayerfully consider supporting my work.

Some of the things your donation might help with include:

    Jesus with boy and butterfly coloring page

  • keeping the website up and running (which, of course, means Vacation Bible School materials, children’s ministry tips, fun, Christ-honoring things to do with the children, and all that!)
  • keeping the email newsletter going and free (Did you know running an email newsletter is usually not free? I did not used to know that!)
  • making future projects possible

And if there happens to be enough, some more personal things like:

  • food
  • utilities
  • missionary projects
  • all the other stuff that goes along with raising a family!

Sheila and "Little Brother"A few special churches have been greatly instrumental in believing in me and making Hasten Home possible in the first place. Will you help keep it going? Thank you so much!

God bless you, and…

Hasten Home, friend!

~ Sheila 🙂

P.S. A few technical details:

  • Every little bit helps…
  • PayPal does take a processing fee from each donation which will come off on my side.
  • To choose how much you would like to give, simply adjust the item quantity up or down. Each “item” is one dollar. So to add a $100 donation to your cart, for example, add “100” donations; to add a $5 donation, add “5” donations; etc.