Something for the Children

Something for the Children

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Something for the children posts, just like the stories in my Vacation Bible School curriculum, are always written directly for the children to make it easy for you to share.

Here is a list of the kind of things you will find on this page. You may also click on the heading links to narrow down your search results.

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  • Children’s stories
  • Whether you are a Sabbath school teacher looking for an illustration for your children’s Sabbath school class, a pastor needing a new children’s story for Sabbath morning services, or a mom or dad wanting a good, character-building story to read to your children… check out our free children’s stories!

  • Free, printable coloring pages
  • Memory verse coloring pages, Bible story coloring pages, nature coloring pages… You’ll find lots of free, printable coloring pages here, too. I draw a new one every so often, so you will want to keep checking back for those. Feel free to copy them to supplement your Sabbath School, Vacation Bible School, or home school. (You can read our copyright notice here.) A lot of the coloring pages have a go-along children’s story, too!

  • Games, crafts, activity sheets, family fun ideas
  • There are lots of other goodies in Something for the children, too. You will find a growing selection of activity sheets, game and craft ideas, Sabbath afternoon suggestions, and more fun ideas to use with your own children or in your children’s ministry.

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