Christ, Who hath Enabled Me, Putting Me into the Ministry

“Wherefore the law is holy, and the commandment holy, and just, and good.” –Romans 7:12 I was reading this morning the words of Paul, a man who though he had always thought of himself as God’s servant, finally realized his righteousness was … CLICK to continue…

Does God Delight in Misery?

Dirt Feet by Michael Douglas Bramwell 2009 (Creative Commons Attribution license) -

In response to a recent post from the Hasten Home blog, a serious question was presented.  It is a question that it seems is not all that uncommon and which certainly deserves an answer.  The question is namely this: “Doesn’t God … CLICK to continue…

Something for the children #4: God is Good scrambled words

"What is God like?" word scramble puzzle

What is God like?  You may print out the scrambled words puzzle by right-clicking on it and selecting “Print picture”.  This puzzle is based on Exodus 34:6 from the King James Version of the Bible.