What’s the Most on Fire You’ve Ever Been?

I do not have to think hard or long to tell you the time that I am most on fire is when I am working for the children through Vacation Bible School.  Studying God’s Word and following His leading as … Continue reading

Questions and…Attitudes

Life is full of questions.  Children seem to be even more full of them!  If you have ever spent some time working with—or even just hanging out with—a child who is old enough to at least try to talk, you … Continue reading

Something for the Children #6: Flashlights

Spotlight being cranked by hand, giving dim light

Flashlights Do you like flashlights?  They can come in pretty handy—especially if they work!  We own a rechargeable spotlight.  It is quite heavy for a flashlight, and it has a whole bunch of those little white LED lights that work … Continue reading

The Book that Changed My Life, Part 2 of 2

As a young child, my mom used to read every night to my little brother and me.  I really would be hard-pressed to come up with an actual example of something she read me from that book, in spite of … Continue reading

My Journey to Hasten Home, Part 8 (conclusion)

The Lord was making my dreams come true—even those I never knew I had!  My dear husband and I had three beautiful children; we lived in a humble country home with some furry pets and a fun garden; and now, … Continue reading

My Journey to Hasten Home, Part 7

In Cave Junction, Oregon, there congregate an awe-inspiring group of people who seem to defy all odds in our day.  It was these very people who became my inspiration to follow my dreams—or should I say, the Lord’s dreams for … Continue reading