Something for the Children #21: God Blesses Me wheel

my "God blesses me wheel"

“God Blesses Me” Wheel God blesses us in so many ways! One way that we can keep His holy Sabbath day special is to think about all those blessings. Today I have a fun wheel for you to print out … CLICK to continue…

Something for the Children #17: Balaam word search

Balaam word search

Balaam tried to curse God’s people—but no man can curse what God has blessed!  You can read this story in your Bible, in the Old Testament book of “Numbers”, chapters 22, 23, and 24. Look for these words in the … CLICK to continue…

Something for the Children #13: Picking Flowers in the Park coloring page

boy and girl picking flowers in the park (nature coloring page)

Picking Flowers in the Park nature coloring page Happy Sabbath!  Spring-time is not too far from becoming summer-time.  Are you excited?  Have you noticed how a lot of the flowers have been taking turns blooming?  Just as one starts to … CLICK to continue…

Something for the Children #10: Goose and Goslings coloring page

Goose with two goslings on the grassy bank of a river (nature coloring page)

***Goose & Goslings Coloring Page*** Happy Sabbath!  Are you enjoying springtime?  This week, I was at the park with my children and we got to see one of our favorite springtime treats—a mama with her babies.  So this week’s goodie … CLICK to continue…

Something for the Children #9: Mother’s Day Bookmarks

Hearts & flowers bookmark to print out & color. Reads "God made you special. I love you!"

Mother’s Day Bookmarks Today is Mother’s Day!  Here is a little project that is fun to do.  It will make a nice gift for your mother—or if your mother is not with you, you may choose another lady who is … CLICK to continue…

Something for the children #4: God is Good scrambled words

"What is God like?" word scramble puzzle

What is God like?  You may print out the scrambled words puzzle by right-clicking on it and selecting “Print picture”.  This puzzle is based on Exodus 34:6 from the King James Version of the Bible.

Something for the Children #3: Winter Word Search

Winter word search puzzle

*Winter Word Search* Pretty soon, winter is going to turn into spring.  Winter is cold where I live.  What is winter like where you live?  How many of these things that God has made have you seen this winter? See … CLICK to continue…