VBS Testimonials

Seventh-day Adventist Church, Cave Junction

by Patty Hyland

Sounds of laughter and children singing greeted our ears every day for two weeks during an interesting Vacation Bible School conducted by a staff of 22 adults and teen-agers.

Every class, kindergarten through early teen, focused on being Superstars for Jesus. Many learned all 10 memory Bible verses and earned a new backpack. The crafts were outstanding, and the games at recreation time on the playground were fantastic.

There were happy voices singing and little feet marching to We Are Jesus Children as the processional of Vacation Bible School children filed into the filled-to-capacity church Sanctuary Saturday morning, Aug. 16. A color guard carrying the U.S. flag, Christian flag, and Bible preceded the large procession of children.

They quietly held the flags and all remained standing as they recited the mottos for the flags, each followed by an appropriate song.

Pastor Verne Hyland welcomed everyone to the Vacation Bible School graduation service. He followed the cordial welcome with a prayer. He introduced Sheila Edeliant, the VBS director and author of the fantastic lessons on the journeys of Paul. This young woman spent many hours and sometimes entire nights on her computer composing lessons and workbooks for each age group as well as crafts and games to fit the theme.

Everyone was surprised at how well-organized everything was, and the staff especially appreciated the colorful lessons and workbooks put neatly together for each day of the two-week program. We praise God for each child who attended and for the parents who brought them to the church.

[This article originally printed in the Illinois Valley News, Cave Junction, Oregon. Used here by permission.]

North Valley Seventh Day Adventist Church, Merlin, OR

Linda McCann, VBS director
Linda’s Tupperware store

Linda McCann

Before I knew about Sheila’s VBS I was using Kids in the Kitchen lessons and guidelines and adopting it to fit into using our church garden for the craft and out door time. I didn’t know what I was doing but the Lord blessed and we did this for 2 years.

We didn’t do it the following year because we didn’t have enough help.

I was told about Sheila’s VBS program and was very excited to be able to do a well put together program. It was The Land of Milk and Honey based on the 10 commandments. She had all the departments with detailed instruction on what each needed to do. She adjusted the schedule to fit our evening time. I wanted to go door to door in the neighborhood to invite the kids and Sheila made a flyer for that. We bought the CD and it has everything on it!

The Sabbath program was very good! In the past the ending program was done on Friday thinking the kids wouldn’t come on Sabbath but this was incorporated in from the beginning. Each day the classes practiced songs they would sing for the Sabbath program. We had a good turn out for it! I enjoyed the simple Bible based program that wasn’t trying to entertain but to bring kids into a relationship with Jesus. The Bible is an exciting book!

“A Refreshing Change”

Kathy M., Oregon

Kathy M.

We really appreciated the Bible based “Super Stars for Jesus.” It was a refreshing change from some of the other programs we had looked at. It gave the children a positive roll models to follow. Even the crafts went along with the stories. Both of Sheila’s VBS programs have been excellent, and we are looking forward to doing the 3rd one [VBS–The Land of Milk & Honey] as soon as I’m able to lead out again.