3 Mistakes to avoid in your VBS outdoor games time

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Often the most simple equipment is the best equipment for VBS outdoor games!

VBS outdoor games time is a great opportunity to have some fun while bonding with the children. As you plan your VBS outdoor games, beware! Don’t make these 3 mistakes. 🙂

Mistake #1: Making your VBS outdoor games too complex

Things do not have to be fancy and complicated for the children to enjoy them. As a matter of fact, keeping it simple will not only give the VBS outdoor games leader less to worry about, it will make it easier for the children to catch on and have fun.

So keep your VBS outdoor games simple. Simple equipment. Simple set-up. Simple rules. Simple is good.

Mistake #2: Encouraging competition

Almost everywhere children go, they are bombarded with a push for competition. But the spirit of competition is not the spirit of Christ.

As Christians, we ought to have a different attitude than the world at large. We ought to be concerned with the well-being of the whole team–and we ought not to be thinking of being “better” than others to get to the top.

What better time to help the children think of creative ways to do common activities in uncommon ways than Vacation Bible School? And one of the great places to start is VBS outdoor games time!

Mistake #3: Failing to keep your VBS outdoor games age-appropriate

Vacation Bible School is designed to encompass a fairly wide age range of children. Generally, you may have children who are anywhere from five to twelve years old at your VBS. You probably already know that children do a lot of growing in those years!

What that means for VBS outdoor games time is that we must be intentional in keeping things age-appropriate. It may mean tweaking the rules a bit. It may mean varying your equipment for the various age-groups.

The more time you spend with the children, the better feel you will get for just what each class enjoys and benefits from the most.

On a positive note

On a positive note, let’s take the 3 mistakes and turn them into what to do:

Keep your VBS outdoor games time…

  • Simple,
  • Cooperative, and
  • Age-appropriate.

Want some more specific tips?

Watch today’s video: Vacation Bible School tips: 3 mistakes to avoid in your VBS outdoor games time!

~What would you add? Is there a mistake that you have learned to avoid in VBS outdoor games time? Share it in the comments below.

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