4 Criteria for choosing Vacation Bible School crafts

4 Criteria for choosing Vacation Bible School crafts (child's hand using ruler and scissors)

When choosing your Vacation Bible School crafts, think, “Variety!”

In today’s video Vacation Bible School tip (at the bottom of the post), I share 4 criteria to keep in mind as you plan your Vacation Bible School crafts. In a few short words, “think: variety!”

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The first step to setting up your Vacation Bible School crafts plan is, of course, choosing which crafts you want to do with the children. As you decide, you will want to consider four areas: Cost, Difficulty, Familiarity, and Durability.

Let’s take a closer look into each area.

  1. Cost
  2. First of all, you want to balance things that are less expensive with items that cost a bit more. Less expensive items might include, for example: recyclables, things out of people’s attics, and things you find in nature. Some of the more expensive items might be lumber that has to be purchased, specialty craft items, et cetera.

  3. Difficulty
  4. The second thing to consider as you choose your Vacation Bible School crafts is just how hard you expect it to be for the children to complete each particular project.

    Some of your Vacation Bible School crafts should be fairly easy for the children to do. They should have just a few basic steps and be easily completed in one day at VBS.

    On the other hand, some of your VBS crafts should present a challenge to the children. You will want to include at least one or two projects that require several steps and more than one day to complete. The children will get a lot out of the process of persevering to complete a slightly more difficult craft, too.

  5. Familiarity
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    This criteria overlaps the previous one (Difficulty) a bit because the more difficult projects will often involve less familiar tasks. Nevertheless, Familiarity is an important criteria to consider on its own as well.

    The majority of children who come to Vacation Bible School will already have several basic skills. They probably already know how to color and paint and cut using scissors, for example. Some of your Vacation Bible School crafts should rely pretty heavily on these basic skills.

    It will be something the children can feel very comfortable with.

    However, you will also want to take the opportunity to teach the children something new at Vacation Bible School. It can be great fun and a neat bonding time to learn a new skill together.

    While there will be exceptions, many children will not know how to hammer nails into wood… or sand… or paint with a paintbrush… or sew some basic stitches. Not to mention, often those that do know how can really benefit from the extra practice.

    Incorporating a few of these less familiar skills into your Vacation Bible School crafts can really give the children something to look forward to each year — and to remember for years to come!

  7. Durability
  8. The final criteria for choosing Vacation Bible School crafts is Durability. Consider how long the craft itself — the finished product — is going to last.

    It is good to have some very simple crafts that will be easy for the children to do again at home, using items they probably already have around their house. They will be quick to finish, but the finished craft will not be expected to last very long either.

    The main point of these little crafts is to have fun doing it. For example, a straw rocket only uses a few cents worth of materials and is not hard to build. It gives the children a whole lot of fun playing for an afternoon or two, but there is a pretty good chance it won’t survive too far past that.

    Then you will want to have some durable Vacation Bible School crafts, too. At least some of your crafts should be suitable for a special gift to a loved one, or for a nice keepsake that has a very good chance of being around for years to come.

As a bit of a side note, any Vacation Bible School curriculum from Hasten Home does come complete with craft ideas to fill all ten days of VBS, so you don’t have to do any extra planning — unless you want to, that is! I have also been collecting some neat Vacation Bible School craft ideas over on my boards on Pinterest. You can check them out here.

To sum it all up again, as you choose Vacation Bible School crafts for your VBS, simply think, “Variety!”

Now, here’s the video!

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