How to decide on a budget for Vacation Bible School crafts

Screen shot Vacation Bible School budget being worked out in Microsoft Excel

I like to work in Microsoft Excel, but any spreadsheet program--or even pen and paper will do. A calculator is always handy!

When it comes to a budget for Vacation Bible School, crafts may not be the largest item, but they do account for a significant percentage of planned spending.

Crafts are an important part of a great Vacation Bible School program, so you don’t want to cut them out entirely.  Yet, like in so many other areas, you may be struggling to find creative ways to do more with less money.

You do not have to spend a huge amount of money to have an enjoyable Vacation Bible School crafts time that the children can really profit from.  I will not promise you that it will be easy–but I can assure you from experience that it can be done…and I believe that you can do it!

First you will want to start off with preparing your overall Vacation Bible School budget.  (Always pray over every step–this is God’s program first!)  Have an idea how much your church expects to spend on Vacation Bible School.  Then decide how much of that is acceptable to you for allotting specifically to crafts.

Fifty-five cents per child per day is a good place to start if your church is on a tight budget.  If you go much lower than that, plans could get pretty difficult to carry out.

So, for the sake of example, let us assume that your church expects about 40 children to show up for Vacation Bible School.  Add another 5 just to make a nice even number of 15 children per division and to allow a bit of leeway in the supplies.

Multiply your “per child per day” amount by the number of children and again by the number of days your Vacation Bible School will last.  Using our example:

$0.55 x 45 (children) x 10 (days) =$247.50

Round your final answer up to make it easier to work with.  So we will say our example gave us a total Vacation Bible School crafts budget of $250.

Now consider your answer.  This is a very low-budget suggestion.  Can your church afford a bit more?  If so, by all means add to the budget another 10, 20, or 25%.  It will only make your job easier when it comes time to go shopping.

If not, no problem–God can handle this!  After all, the cattle of a thousand hills and all the world’s treasures belong to Him.  Providing for a group of His people seeking to share His love with the children is definitely within His power!

Either way, thank God for the starting point and prepare for the adventure.  “Stay tuned”!  Next time we will be talking about turning your Vacation Bible School crafts budget into a plan!

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