Printable, fill-in VBS flyer

Fill-in VBS flyer

Print out and fold for a fun VBS flyer that can be handed out door-to-door as an invitation to Vacation Bible School.

At the suggestion of one of my subscribers, today I have a “generic” VBS flyer that you can print out and personalize with the details of your Vacation Bible School. The flyer includes several activities for the children to encourage them to hang onto the invitation longer: coloring pictures of children and Jesus, decoding a special message, and deciding which friends they can invite to VBS.

All of Hasten Home’s Vacation Bible School curriculum sets come complete with reproducible advertising materials. Much of it — including the door-to-door VBS flyer — is specific to each particular VBS theme, which makes it even that much better! This particular VBS flyer would be great, though, if you are piecing together your own program this year. (In that case, please do keep Hasten Home in mind for the future. Sign up here to keep in touch and receive a free gift.)

Here is how I would prepare the VBS flyer, in case you’d like a little guidance:

  1. Open the VBS flyer in Adobe Reader. (Link will open in new window/tab.)
  2. Print the VBS flyer file using the following settings:
    • Pages to print: All
    • Page Sizing & Handling: Actual Size
    • Check “Print on both sides of paper;” choose “Flip on short edge” (provided your printer will handle this option)
    • Orientation: Auto portrait/landscape
  3. Once your VBS flyer is printed out, fill in the blanks on the front page. (The top of the page reads, “It’s almost time for Vacation Bible School!”) Write the name of your VBS contact person on the line beside “Call.” Write the phone number to reach him/her after the word “at.”
  4. On what will be the back page of the VBS flyer, fill in the two lines under “Friends I want to invite to Vacation Bible School.” After the word “at,” fill in the location of your Vacation Bible School. After the word “date,” fill in the dates and time of your VBS. For example: “[date:] August 15 [to] 27, 9 am to noon.”
  5. Finally, copy as many VBS flyers as you expect to need (or a few more!). Fold in half and hand out!

Tip: Personally handing out your VBS flyers door-to-door can be a great way to get to know the people in your community a bit. However, a friend pointed out to me that leaving flyers on doors where nobody is home can be a bad thing — a potential open invitation to would–be criminals. Only leave the VBS flyers when you can put them in someone’s hand; come back at another time of day to try to reach the other homes.

Blessings as you reach out to the children for Christ — Hasten Home!

~ Sheila 🙂


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  1. I went to help out at this weekly event yesterday that is akin to VBS for kids from one of the public schools near us, but it goes year-round. I was talking to one of the admins of the group and she said that almost all of their growth has been through word of mouth. What good timing! I think she would love this and a lot of other things on your blog, since she organizes all the activities. I’m going to share it with her next week when I go back.

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