How Do You Recover Lost Trust? Part 3

Trust: it’s hard enough to learn it—how do you teach it?  As we discussed in Part 2, trust is not something to simply tell about.  We must, first of all, be a positive example of a healthy trust.  This can only be gained by time and experience with our faithful Heavenly Father.

The question sooner or later arises, though: How can I share this beautiful experience with others?  The fact of the matter is that it is probably not going to be any easier of a path than it was for you to build your relationship with God in the first place.  At the same time, just as you had a very active part in building your relationship, you are offered the privilege of actively encouraging others to do the same.

Paul said in his letter to the Corinthians, “Ye are our epistle…known and read of all men.”  In our work with children, we are an open book.  Children are not afraid to watch us closely, and they are soaking in more than we realize.  Our words, our actions, our tone of voice: they all are being evaluated.

As Vacation Bible School leaders and teachers, how careful we must be to truly be reflecting the One we profess to serve.  With His love in our hearts, it will not be a burden.  Quite the contrary, this watchfulness will be a great joy!

As we think of the precious children in our influence, our younger brothers and sisters whom the dear Saviour paid for with His own blood, our hearts will be drawn out to them.  Our desire to live a life worthy of our high calling and a true reflection of Christ’s love will deepen.  We will be inspired to humbly proclaim with Jesus, “For their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth.”  In so doing, we gain their trust.

We must proceed daily, praying without ceasing.  This need is intensified during times of children’s outreach programs.  The more closely we walk with Jesus, the closer we come to the frontlines of battle, so to speak.  What better opportunities for our trust to grow!

Trials will come, even during Vacation Bible School.  Key helpers will get sick; leaders will lose their homes; puppies will run away; the church’s power will go out—this perhaps even one right after the other as I have seen.  Not to mention, as the Holy Spirit moves on hearts, there will be children wondering if they can ever be good enough or if God could really love even them.  Do not ever hesitate to pray with a child!  If they are aware of a problem—and especially if they are involved in it—come together before the Throne of Grace, claim the Promises of God’s Holy Word, be a living example of humble trust.

Always remember, we may plant seeds—that is our awesome privilege—but only the Holy Spirit is able to give them life.  “Not I, but Christ liveth in me.”

One more question remains.  It is that of what to do with broken trust.  What if your trust has been broken?  What if you are working with a child whose trust has been broken?  How can we work with the young skeptic?

Be sure to check back once again soon for the conclusion of “How Do You Recover Lost Trust?”


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