How Long Should VBS Last? #1

How long should Vacation Bible School last?  Perhaps you have puzzled over the question of one week or two; or, perhaps it never really occurred to you that there was even an option. 

I will say right up front that I am a firm advocate for two-week Vacation Bible School programs. 

Over the next several weeks, I would like to share some testimonials from various viewpoints: VBS students, VBS teachers, parents, and perhaps even a pastor or two.  Of course, in the course of things, I will be sharing my own testimonial from the viewpoint of VBS leader/teacher and parent.

This week, let us begin with a brief testimonial from a student who has attended quite a number of Vacation Bible Schools over the years, including both one-week and two-week programs.

I think that two weeks is important because after a week you are just getting used to all the people–and really starting to learn and have LOTS of fun! Also, the longer the better as far as I was ever concerned! It gives the children longer to learn their memory verses too, and you can teach more in two weeks than one–give them a better foundation.

VBS Student, Oregon, USA

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