How Long Should VBS Last? #2

How long should Vacation Bible School last?

This week, we have a testimonial from a student who later came back as a Vacation Bible School helper.

Dear Sheila,
I would be glad to share from my experience. When I was in VBS it was only a week long and I rememeber feeling like it was too short, but later I came back as a helper at a two-week program and I thought it was awesome! Here are my reasons why:

  1. A two week program allows more time for the teachers to build a good foundation for the children to receive the Word in their hearts (especially for the “unchurched” children) and God is able to do a more thorough work in their hearts.
  2. Some children may not be availible to come the first week but can attend the second. Also, there is more time for word of mouth to spread the exciting news of VBS to other children in the neighborhood and friends.
  3. The children have more time to devote to the graduation, giving the volunteer staff and the children a greater opportunity to minister to the parents (some of who may not know Christ). With more time the graduation can be more dynamic and full of deep meaning of the gospel!
  4. It is WAY more FUN! Besides, if the children are willing to come back and want to, why not stretch it out and plant as many seeds as you can?!

Hope this helps, Sheila. Thank you for devoting your time, heart and energy into ministering to precious children’s hearts. The fruit is eternal!
Have a blessed day!

~Kaylene 🙂
VBS Student and Helper, Oregon, USA

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