How Long Should VBS Last? #4

How long should Vacation Bible School last?

This week’s testimonial is a bit different.  This mom is a little bit “torn” between two viewpoints.  I will address her comments briefly; but first, here are her words:

I was going to tell you one week, but after reading what the girls [Kaylene and Samantha] both had to say, coming from a kid’s perspective, I see their point. I just always felt bad for the teachers having to dedicate so much time to it. But, you are the teacher, and if you are willing to commit yourself to 2 weeks, then I say “Go for it!” I know my kids love VBS, and we didn’t have it last year due to no teachers…but I think it will be back this summer… 🙂 Good luck with your program!

Christian School Teacher & Parent of VBS Students,
Oregon, USA

Over the last few weeks, we have seen the enthusiasm of the children for two-week VBS programs.  Today, however, Kim brings up a very important point: the willingness of the teachers.  Admittedly, Vacation Bible School does take a lot of effort, but is it effort well-spent

Jesus bids the children to come to Him–and He bids us to let them come! 

We have reached the point in our series where it would do well to dig even deeper into the reasons for committing ourselves to a two-week Vacation Bible School.  So, be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s “How Long Should VBS Last?“, where we will start that digging! 🙂

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