How Long Should VBS Last? #5

How long should Vacation Bible School last?  We have been looking at testimonials from various viewpoints: VBS students, VBS teachers, and parents; and we are seeking to dig deeper yet.

This week we will hear from a sweet lady with the wisdom of many decades of God-directed years, much of which has been spent in various aspects of Christian outreach.  The Lord has given her a heart for the children.  I will let her words speak for themselves:

The reason that I believe a 2 week VBS is best is that this is the most important Evangelistic meeting you will have this year.  Children are far more responsive to the gospel than are adults.

I’ve worked in both 1 week and 2 week programs.  At the end of a one week you are just beginning to get to know the children and then it’s over.  In a 2 week program you have more time to establish a good relationship (bond) with the child and their family.   You have more of an opportunity to get to know the family by having more contact with them.

As in any Evangelistic thrust, the effect is the same –Little Time — Little results   — More time more results.

What it amounts to is how interested are we in saving vulnerable boys and girls for the Kingdom.   Our enemy is making a ploy to get these children.  Shouldn’t we take the extra time and effort to reach out to these children and rescue them from the enemy?

During one of our programs one mother from our Community was impressed with our program; she was amazed and thankful when she found out that our program was a 2 weeks one.  She was a very careful parent and had a very special home schooled child.

Years ago we had 2 week Bible Schools all the time.  Some were in the morning and a few were in the evening so more people could help.

Another point is that during regular Evangelism out reaches the meetings last for weeks, and yet when we do Child Evangelism people are only wanting to give the kids a week of their time.  Kids deserve more than that.  Jesus died for them too and they are important.

At the close of one 2 week VBS program a whole family joined our church.  The 5 home schooled children had been blessed by the Bible School.  What is the value of a soul?  Was the extra effort worth it?  Yes!   Praise the Lord – He blessed our efforts!

May God bless you as you plan for VBS.

VBS Leader/Teacher, Oregon, USA

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