Interview: VBS from a child’s view #1

In response to today’s Post A Day challenge, I decided to interview several children to get their perspective on the joy of Bible-learning.  What follows is the first in a series I plan to post over time.  I thought those of us who are part of child evangelism (be we Sabbath School teachers, Sunday School teachers, VBS helpers or even “simply” Christian parents–and so many others) could glean some hints from a little peek into the world through a child’s eyes.

My words are italicized below.  The child’s responses are not.  I edited only for clarity (in brackets []) and to eliminate “thought pauses”. 🙂

Blog challenge: Interview #1 —VBS age

1)     How old are you?  7

2)     Can you read yet? Sort of

3)     Is there something you like to read?  I like to read Bible story books and “Kitten in the Well”

4)     What is your favorite way to learn about Jesus? Go to Sabbath School

5)     Can you think of a Sabbath School or VBS teacher you really liked?  What made you enjoy him/her? I like Sister Jackie*.  I like her piano and I like her—just her teaching—she’s fun.

6)     What do you think God is like?  How do you know? He’s helpful and He’s loving and kind.  He’s obeying, and I think [of] God as being a beautiful King. Just because of the Bible stories and reading the Bible.

7)     Have you been to Vacation Bible School before? yes

8)     What did you like best about it? I had fun learning about Jesus and I had fun playing the games.  What new idea do you think would help you grow closer to Jesus? Reading the Bible.

9)     What is your favorite Bible verse? John 3:16

10) Who is your favorite Bible person? Jesus.

11) What is your favorite craft you have ever done? In Vacation Bible School? Anytime. …It’s probably drawing and making little envelopes and stuff like that.

12) Would you like to help out with VBS when you get older?  Why or why not? That would be fun. Because I like being at VBS and if I’m older than being able to go in the classes, then I would like to, you know, help out with the classes and stuff.

13) What job do you think you would enjoy? Teaching.

14) Thank you for your time!

*name changed

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