It’s May!

May is here—that means summer is not far away.  Does your church have something planned for the children?  There are lots of fun things to do with the children.  Of course, the weekly Sabbath School or Sunday School is very important, but it’s the little extras that help bring more families into the church and make the children feel extra special.  Most Seventh-day Adventist churches have a special short children’s story during the family worship hour each week.  As a child, I attended a Baptist church where a loving brother would drive around town each week to give children a ride to church, even if the rest of the family did not care to attend.  Every so often, he sponsored “Ice Cream Sunday” which meant the bus took a pit-stop after church for an ice cream cone for each child.

When I was a bit older, my Sabbath School teachers had a fun game going.  They set up a puzzle on a table in the Sabbath School room.  The children were only allowed to work on it before class—it was a fun incentive to be early.  When the puzzle was complete, it was a ticket for a class party.  I believe that was when we got to enjoy a special vespers—evening worship on the beach—along with a bonfire and roasting veggie-dogs.  That was a party fit to be on Heaven’s record!

Many churches host family campouts or church picnics in the summer.  Rightly used, these are great opportunities to grow closer to Jesus and to our brothers and sisters in the faith—including the younger ones.

I have to believe, though, that the ultimate isVacation Bible School.  At VBS, children from the community are more inclined to come see what this “Christianity” is all about and what these church-people are really like.

Are you reflecting Jesus?  Does your church have plans for the children?

***Hasten Home currently offers VBS—Superstars for Jesus, and is expecting the release of a new, original set of Vacation Bible School materials, VBS—The Land of Milk & Honey, this June.***

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