Keeping family first in Vacation Bible School ministry, part 2

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Even inexperienced little hands can have great fun being your “Vacation Bible School helper”!

The “Work together” principle (from Keeping family first in Vacation Bible School ministry, part 1) can be extended into your Vacation Bible School preparations, whatever the age of your children. Include them in your ministry.

Give very young children some little job to do. Let them hold some (safe) tool that you expect to need frequently, or set them up by your side with a project that mirrors yours.

Children who are Vacation-Bible-School-aged themselves are great testers. Besides the ideas already mentioned in the notes on “Worship together” and “Play together” (also in Keeping family first in Vacation Bible School ministry, part 1), you can also let them test out worksheets and crafts, or help you brainstorm when you are looking for a new idea for something.

Setting up Vacation Bible School

There are quite a few jobs in the actual setting up of your Vacation Bible School program that children, with your help or supervision, can help with, too. For example:

  • assembling worksheet packets
  • decorating the church
  • shopping for supplies
  • assembling craft packets
  • helping choose prizes to offer

On the front-line

Teenagers can even be enlisted as front-line helpers, filling many of the volunteer positions at Vacation Bible School, such as aide to a division leader; song leader or musician; outdoor recreation helper; crafts helper; et cetera. Just be sure they are put where their interest is at. Every helper should have the joy of serving God in a way that matches their God-given talents and personality.

Keep it straight

You could probably come up with several other ways to include children in your ministry–and to ensure that your own family is your priority. The more consistent you are, the more they will believe that you care.

The energy you put into your “home team” will not be wasted. On the contrary, you will have a privileged part in raising up even more missionary-minded hearts. Your family will see that being a minister for God does not cause you to neglect those closest to you.

In fact, you will find that in the process of giving and prioritizing, you will be recharged and encouraged, too! This, in turn, will mean that you actually have more to give the children at Vacation Bible School.

Putting your children first is never a mistake. After all, this is what this ministry of Vacation Bible School is all about: children!

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