Sowing Seeds

"Sowing Seeds" [image: seed-topped bread]

Some children are naturally inquisitive — and bold. If you say something that sounds crazy to them, they will let you know. 🙂

One night I was reading my current chapter of The Great Controversy aloud to my little guy in bed. (It was a chapter that I knew would not be scary to young ears.) We got to a part about sowing seeds.

Little Brother was very surprised. “Sowing seeds?!” he asked.

“Yes.” And I explained to him how the things we do are like sowing seeds. Although the paragraph we had just read was a warning against sowing bad seed, I thought it better to focus on the good seed.

I told him when we do things like smile and tell people about Jesus, or be kind to each other… that is like sowing good seeds.

And I went to continue reading — but he did not quite understand yet.

He thought it was funny.

“With the machine?” he asked. Huh? I was trying to think where he had seen a seed-sowing machine.

“Like we get the seeds off the bread…” (We had just had seed-topped bread for dinner.) “And sew them with the machine?” He was pointing to my sewing machine, with quite the incredulous look on his face.

Oh, how often do we take the apparent simplicity of a concept and accidentally talk “over the children’s heads”?

How often do we say things that they just don’t quite understand?

So then I could adjust my words. “Oh! No, Sweetie, it is like planting seeds. Sometimes ‘sow’ means to plant. We plant the seeds. Like when we put them in the ground so they can grow. That’s better, isn’t it!” He agreed.

We must make it a habit to go beyond telling the children the lesson. We must teach. We must listen.

Some children are naturally inquisitive — and bold. If you say something that sounds crazy to them, they will let you know (like Little Brother so politely did).

Other children, though, will just listen and wonder. They may wonder for years.

Did you bring any of those odd thoughts with you from childhood? I always loved the song, “Victory in Jesus.” But there was that one odd line: “He sought me and bought me….”

I could not understand why Jesus would beat me up, but I figured maybe it was something like calling myself a “wretch” in Amazing Grace. You know, our sins are really bad, so it’s kind of like it takes something really bad to get them out of us… I don’t know….

I don’t know exactly when it finally dawned on me, but I know I was grown. “He sought me and bought me” — He went looking for me, and when He found me He paid for me with His own precious blood! Wow! What a difference!

Victory in Jesus, my Saviour forever!

What a difference understanding one or two simple words makes.

Ask the children questions. Make sure they understand.

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What other common Christian words or phrases might children misunderstand? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments! 🙂


Sowing Seeds — 10 Comments

  1. Thanks. Oh yes, I understand a lot of things wrong when I was a little child. We sang psalms from the 17th century and you understand that there are sometimes strange things in those beautiful psalms for children. I thought one of the psalms was about “ice from my mother.” But it was about asking something with joyful hearts” I can not show it because you do not understand Dutch 😉

    • lol. Isn’t it kind of funny, Ariella? Especially the day we finally realize what was really being said. 🙂 It’s really a good idea for us to spend time talking with the children to find out how they are interpreting the messages we share!

  2. Good post. It is wonderful that you are such a good listener and go further to ensure children understand what you are saying. Many adults rush through their interactions with children with no regard to how they are responding. May the Lord continue to bless your efforts in leading them to Him.

    • Praise the Lord, Mary. Yes — the children are precious to Jesus and their understanding (or lack of it) really ought to matter to us as their older brothers and sisters in Him. <3

      I appreciate the words of Jacob: "I will lead on softly, according as the... children be able to endure...."

  3. What an interesting thought, talking and teacher over our kids’ heads. Thank you for this reminder. Although my babies are teens now, I’m still reminded when I try to explain medical things to them that “this isn’t medical class” as they tell me. 🙂 I need to remember this in all things. Speak to the learner. 🙂

  4. They way you work with children in teaching them God’s word is beautiful Shelia. You have a great way of expressing the Biblical doctrine that makes sense to them. The one that made me confused as a child was in Amazing Grace about saving a “ranch like me” I lived in a city not on a farm. Really enjoy your posts.

  5. How sweet your little boy is. I love hearing stories like this and the thoughts that come out of their hearts. He is blessed to have a mama like you that takes the time with him to understand his perceptions and gently guide him towards the Truth. I wish I could remember more of my own thoughts from childhood but so many escape me. Blogging is a wonderful way to commit these precious moments to memory though. Thank you for the wonderful reminder to dig deeper and make sure our kids aren’t misunderstanding God’s direction and promises for us all.

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