The Unhealthiest Meal

Have you ever been hard-up for food?  It can be a trying place to be.  When a body is lacking something it desperately needs, it is very easy for our focus to become on obtaining that one thing, whatever it may be.

Being very low on food and not having any way in sight to buy groceries, our family has at times been inclined to accept an offer we may have rather refused.  One of those is the abundant pastries and goodies that many food banks offer.  Perhaps in normal circumstances, one or two of those would be regarded as a treat; but when you are extremely hungry, they can be looked on with disappointment.  This is where my most unhealthy meal ever has probably come in.

Coming home with a box from a local food bank, my children and I have often been eagerly awaiting the tastiest, quickest option that we could glean out for a meal of some sort.  That is not always synonymous with the healthiest, most satisfying option!

Unfortunately more than once, lacking any fresh fruit, our meal has consisted of some sweet pastry.  I guess you could say we ate it by choice—but not.  If we really had a say, we would have had something more like whole-grain pizza with vegetables and sauce and a nice, big green salad.

There is another hunger.  The children recognize it, and they are searching for something to fill them up.  They gobble down video games, movies, sports, and exciting music.  But they are leaving unfilled.  Sure, for the moment it “tastes” good; but afterward, their young souls feel sick—and they are still hungry.  Let’s offer them something better.

Vacation Bible School is just one way to reach out to the children around us.  It gives us an excellent opportunity to introduce children to Jesus.  In Vacation Bible School, children learn that they do not have to compete with each other to have fun.  They find out that there is a joy in memorizing Scripture.  They meet other boys and girls—and adults—who want God to be first in their lives.  That is real soul food!  And the children will not leave Vacation Bible School hungry for more of something that cannot satisfy.  They will be longing for more of heaven, where “They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more…For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters.” (Revelation 7:16,17)

*** VBS—The Land of Milk & Honey talks of God’s law, the Ten Commandments, and of some of the Israelites’ experiences on their way to the Promised Land—including a look into how the Lord dealt with His hungering people!  Find it here. ***

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