Tuesday’s Treasures: Vacation Bible School Bookmarks

Today’s treasure might be better called “Tuesday’s Teaser” since it is not quite ready yet, but I am eager to share with you.  This idea has been in the planning stage for some time, but the last couple days it has been moving to paper!

Veteran VBS teachers know that no matter how carefully you plan the time, there will always be some students who tend to finish up early.  Bookmarks are a great little activity to fill in time after a Vacation Bible School craft project.

Simply keep a stack of the VBS bookmarks for the children to choose from, along with some pens or pencils to color with.  It hardly takes any room or effort on your part, and will give those faster students a fun, inspirational way to fill their time and keep their mind on heavenly things!

Sheila drawing the new VBS bookmarks

Once the design is sketched, the light box helps as I make the final drawings with pen and ink.

Be watching out for this new addition to Hasten Home’s original, inspirational Vacation Bible School materials: Scripture-themed VBS Bookmarks!

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