Tuesday’s Treasures: VBS–Superstars for Jesus

Summer break may be nearly over, but…

It’s not too early to think about next year!

As you consider which Vacation Bible School curriculum you would like to use for next summer’s Vacation Bible School, be sure to check out VBS—Superstars for Jesus.

Newly Revised & Expanded! [image: vbs worksheets]


VBS—Superstars for Jesus, by author and artist Sheila Edeliant, is a great way to introduce children to Paul, considered by many to be one of the most inspirational Bible characters there is.

Join in Paul’s amazing life-change when he gives his heart completely to Jesus Christ.  Then experience the matchless power of the Holy Spirit as Paul fearlessly testifies of his new Saviour to Jew and Gentile alike.

Subjects include:

  • Jesus‘ priceless sacrifice
  • God’s changing grace
  • The Holy Spirit‘s power
  • The fruit of the Spirit
  • and more.

Your “VBS—Superstars for Jesus” Vacation Bible School curriculum  will come complete with:

  • Scripture-backed lesson stories
  • Nearly 100 age-appropriate activity sheets
  • Comprehensive Craft Leader’s and Outdoor Leader’s handbooks
  • Memory verse helps
  • and more!

You will have everything you need to plan a successful two-week Vacation Bible School!

This fun and inspiring Vacation Bible School curriculum will give you lots of guidance as you teach the children about teamwork in the Christian’s life.

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