VBS from a child’s view #4

Today’s interview is with a Christian youth on the verge of manhood.  Pay attention to what impressed him about the godly teacher he encountered at Vacation Bible School.  The children are watching us!

[My words are in italics.]

1)     How old are you? 16

2)     What is your favorite way to learn about Jesus? I like studying from the Bible and writing something down to share with somebody about it—that way I’m making sure that I’m accurate because I don’t want to be spreading error.

3)     Have you been to Vacation Bible School before? yes

4)     What did you like best about it?  One of the teachers that was obviously Spirit-filled. What do you think could be done differently to help children grow closer to Jesus?  (shrugs shoulders)  You’re such a good VBS planner, I don’t know of anywhere you could improve it.

5)     Can you think of a verse you learned at VBS?  I can’t exactly think of how it goes…It’s the one that says something about the Lord working in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure.  But I can’t think of exactly how it goes.

6)     You mentioned a VBS teacher that you really liked.  What made you say that he was Spirit filled? ‘Cause all the rambunctious ones in the class, when he walked in the room, will calm down suddenly without him even saying a word.

7)     What do you think God is like? Summarized in one word: loving.  How do you know? Because of 1st John 4:8.

8)     What is your favorite Bible verse? I guess I don’t have an exact favorite—I have lots of verses I like. Would you like to mention one of those? Okay, like the one that says “ye shall not need to fight in this battle, set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, Oh Judah and Jerusalem…For the Lord himself will be with you

9)     Who is your favorite Bible person? Paul.

10) What is your favorite craft you have ever done? I don’t think I have an exact favorite. What’s one you enjoy? Carpentry.

11) Would you like to help out with VBS?  Why or why not? Yes. I guess because it would be fun.

12) What job do you think you would enjoy? The recreation time if it wasn’t for my back being so naughty in the heat.

Thank you for your time!

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