What keeps you up at night?

Have you noticed that prayers are most often answered in times of quiet reflection?  The writing of an entire program of VBS materials is a huge job.  Looking at it from a human perspective and as a whole, the job looks impossible.  I must pray.  I need guidance.  The first question is where to start, then what to do next—and next…And all along the way, I must ask, “What will reach the children’s hearts?”  “How can I truly share the love that the Lord has shown me?”  “How can these materials be the most help possible to other VBS teachers or child-evangelism leaders?”  Only God knows the answers, for only God knows our hearts.  So I pray and trustingly leave the matter in His hands.  I must do what He has already made clear; then what is next will be next!

Often when the bustle of the day is over, when baby has finally relaxed into sleep, and hubby has finished sharing the story of his day, I lay in quiet reflection and prayer.  Sometimes it is then that the Holy Spirit impresses on my mind the answer to some question I have had.  The solution to put my mind at rest is to write it down, if possible, and if not, then I ask the Lord to remind me at an appropriate time in the morning.  He is always faithful.

Other times—and more often—it is the other end of the night where I cannot sleep.  Usually, I have asked the Lord to wake me for time with Him.  (I do not use an alarm clock, personally.)  The Lord wakes me with a beautiful thought and I am so eager to put it to use, I simply can not wait to get out of bed.  Especially during the story-writing phase of preparing a VBS program—or during or immediately previous to the actual carrying out of Vacation Bible School with our local church family—I have been known to spontaneously rise at 3:30 in the morning.  The house is so quiet in the wee hours—even the birds are not usually crazy enough to be up yet—but God is awake, ever-willing to send messages to His servants.☺

The solution to early-rising is simple: get up!

God is good.  He is merciful to only direct us one step at a time.  And He is faithful to lead us to the finish!

Hasten Home specializes in original Vacation Bible School materials.  They are prayed over, thoroughly researched and carefully thought out.  The end result is a full set of Biblically-based materials (including references so you can study it for yourself!) that your church can trust to be the foundation for an enjoyable, blessed Vacation Bible School program.

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